Leadership Coaching

“More important than what leaders do or how they do it, is the inner place from which they operate.” (Otto Scharmer, Theory U)

Being leadership and doing leadership are two very different things. With the CLA coaching method, we help leaders understand how important their being is to their leadership practice. Beginning with deep self-inquiry, we work to explore and understand patterns that both help and hinder leaders, while considering the impact of actions on outcomes. This honest self-exploration becomes the foundation for the coaching process to help leaders understand the source of their strengths while striving for clarity and elevated consciousness. We believe that the best leaders know themselves well and lead from a place of authenticity, curiosity, and connection. 
Our coaches understand that the inner work very much informs the outer work and we work with clients to recognize the importance of values, relationships, and reflection. Without losing sight of strategy and results, we help leaders make brave and bold choices while practicing gratitude for the world around them. 

What To Expect

A coach who meets you where you are, not where anyone expects you to be. In your session, you will be invited to get honest with yourself and get in touch with what you really need in order to grow. Your coach will ask questions that challenge you to think, feel, and consider many angles and perspectives. You will be encouraged to lean into situations that might cause discomfort, the exact situations that need your leadership. You will be asked to take a reflective stance on your mental models, assumptions, and biases, in order to build healthy and effective leadership and personal habits. 

Teen Leadership Coaching

More than ever, teenagers are facing challenges and stressors they are unprepared to deal with. From high-anxiety situations around academics to conflicts within friendships and peer groups, to pressures resulting from social media, teens need additional skills and strategies to establish a strong sense of self and purpose to move through their world. Our team of coaches are uniquely prepared to help teens through their most troubling times by offering them perspective and techniques that build mindfulness, confidence, and problem-solving skills. 

Coaching Options

One-on-one coaching- Designed for leaders who want to increase their ability to lead effectively, get support through a challenging transition or situation, work to change organizational culture, manage organizational change. 
Small group coaching- great to administrative or executive teams wanting to blend individual capacity building with enhanced team effectiveness. 

Who We Work With

Our coaches have experience in all industries, however, we have special expertise with non-traditional leaders, including leaders in education, the nonprofit sector, social enterprise, and politics. 
Our specialized coaches have extensive experience both in theory and practice. The CLA difference is our unique lens that integrates organizational theory with adult development and group relations. Our coaches are trained to recognize individual and group patterns and pay close attention to what is said and unsaid in order to create an environment rich for learning and growth. Our coaches employ a heightened awareness to the coach-client relationship to maximize learning. 
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Coaching session prices vary. 

Leadership Assessments

Data-driven information can be the most useful when applied to further our understanding of what is working and what is getting in the way. We offer assessments and evaluations from coaches certified in the following tools: 
The Leadership Circle Profile 360º assessment (http://theleadershipcircle.com)
MBTI Personality Inventory (https://www.themyersbriggs.com/)