Learning and Development

It’s not just learning but thinking… it's learning by doing. Learning by feeling. Learning by creating. Learning by connecting. Learning by reflecting.

a birds-eye view of a workshop where all the participant chairs are in a big circle around the coach
The Conscious Leadership Academy creates learning environments for leaders by blending cutting-edge approaches to leadership development with creativity, individual growth and expanded understanding. We work with leaders who are willing to risk failure, who are willing to think differently, and who want new ways of doing things. 
The world needs leaders who thrive on ambiguity and understand complexity. Our programs become a leadership laboratory blending advanced theory, experiential learning and applied practice. We invite leaders to think about where they are and where they want to be…where their organization is, and where they would like it to be. And we work to find a path to get there. 
Participants learn from their own leadership cases, working closely together in facilitated peer work groups to deepen the learning and promote the relevant application of the topics. Through innovative exercises and challenges, participants experience and reflect on leadership dynamics and the complexity within groups and organizations. Highly experienced facilitators and coaches tap into what is 'alive' within the group, connecting the topics with real-time experiences to maximize growth
People are looking for leaders who can provide sustainable solutions for complex challenges, for leaders who can bridge the many divides. People are looking for leaders who recognize when it is time to move in a new direction. People are looking for leaders who inspire while motivating, who model an ethical compass while fostering connection. 
Become the leader the world is looking for. Develop yourself and your team with the CLA.