DARE TO BE: Mindful Living and Leading For Teens

This workshop is designed to help teens cope more effectively with the complex challenges of their day-to-day life. Integrating mindfulness and self-compassion practices, teens will learn to be present with their emotions and begin to develop a strong sense of self, based on their own worth and inner being.

Teens will work on developing greater self-awareness, responding to their emotions with kindness, creating healthy relationships, and gaining tools to navigate the ups and downs of life with greater ease.

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Why It Works

We take a uniquely blended approach integrating advanced facilitation techniques with exercises from a variety of disciplines, such as leadership, mindfulness, and self-compassion in order to help kids and teens engage deeply and develop in the areas that matter most.
While many programs currently exist to help kids and teens deal with stress, bullying, self-esteem, and leadership, most use a single lens to address the issue, for example, addressing wellness only through a mental health lens. The problem with this approach is that a single lens is not enough to effectively address the layered and complex problems kids and teens face. These dynamic challenges require a dynamic, integrated approach.


$295 Early Bird Admission
$350 Regular Admission


Our facilitators are the difference in our program. All are experts in both youth and teen development. They are also leadership professionals, counselors, coaches, educators, with a variety of expertise. For example, one lead facilitator is a certified mindful self-compassion trainer and also an MFT. Most have PhDs or MA's in leadership with extensive research and experience in youth and teen program development. 
Our difference is the ability to work with the emotions and experiences that arise in the moment and meet kids and teens where they are. We have the ability to handle the hard discussions and hold space for the kids to do the real work they need and want to do. 


January 26th -
Registration 9:30 am 
Kickoff Opening 10:00 am
Kickoff Closing  5:00 pm 
Feb. 3, Feb. 10, Feb. 17, Feb. 24, March 3 & March 10 - 
Sunday Experience Opening 1:00 pm
Sunday Experience Closing 2:30 pm

Meet Taylor Harrell

Taylor is a certified instructor in the Center for Mindfulness' Youth and Family programs. Taylor is a scholar, coach, and educator with nearly a decade of experience in leadership development and mindfulness training. Taylor discovered the CFM while working as a marriage and family therapist at UCSD Family Medicine, and she found the practices and principles that she learned not only transformed her clients' lives but her life as well. In addition to teaching courses at the CFM, Taylor is currently completing her doctorate in organizational leadership at the University of San Diego. At the USD's Conscious Leadership Academy, she leads the development of mindfulness-based coaching and training programs for youth and leaders in a variety of industries. Taylor is committed to spreading her knowledge and passion for mindfulness in her work with youth, leaders, and organizations across the world.
Taylor Harrell


Teens who feel a stronger sense of self
Teens who are able to stand up for what they value and believe in
Teens who are able to manage their stress and know when to ask for help
Teens who have the ability to make tough decisions and have difficult conversations
Teens who have a mindfulness practice to help them when the going gets really tough
Teens who can successfully navigate challenging friendships and relationships, building the skill to do this for their lifetime 
Teens who have confidence in who they are and feel worthy and deserving of love, friendship, and joy
A deeper connection between parents and their children through programs that incorporate a parent-child connection in the experience. 
Teens who understand leadership and know how to practice it with authenticity and courage