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Our Mission

The mission of the Conscious Leadership Academy (CLA) is to improve the understanding and practice of leadership by integrating advanced leadership theory with applied leadership practice. With a strong commitment to leadership that promotes social change for the common good, the CLA strives to develop conscious leaders who are prepared to meet the complex challenges they face in their communities, their social circles, and in today's global organizations.

Our Work

The Conscious Leadership Academy helps people create and activate new possibilities for effective action. Our programs develop self-awareness, personal clarity, and the ability to understand and integrate individual, group and community perspectives. We develop effective leaders who can create innovative solutions to social and organizational challenges.

Our Foundation

The CLA bridges the gap between academic leadership theory and applied leadership practice. Our programs and methods are informed by the latest research and our foundation rests on the following theories:

  • Adaptive leadership theory - We help leaders recognize the deeper issues within the challenges they face.
  • Integral theory - We take a holistic approach to understanding the self and the larger systems that impact how we live and lead.
  • Group dynamics - We examine the behaviors and processes that impact and influence social groups, and identify methods for leaders to mobilize, inspire and guide others toward purpose.

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