Past Symposiums

The Governance Symposium: 
Bringing the Kaleidoscope to Life

January 11 - 12, 2013

Moving from one kaleidoscope lens to another is critical for any organization, yet it is not easy. It requires new thinking and new approaches.  The ninth annual symposium featured sessions on all three lenses, providing the foundation to make it happen.

The symposium was comprised of two interconnected, yet independent days that featured a combination of large group conversations, small seminars, business resources and a comprehensive resource manual.  Our seminars met the unique needs facing organizations (and the people who steward them), and addressed all stages of organizational development. The program featured presentations by USD faculty and other experts in the field, and included the real-time success stories of our 2013 Kaleidoscope Award winners.

Download the Program for the Ninth Annual Nonprofit Governance Symposium.

2013 Symposium Materials