Train the Trainer Solutions for School Districts

The program will engage the district’s leadership team to shape the mobile technology learning approach, assisting the district in producing a plan for the effective use of mobile technology in schools and at the district level, and building continued and ongoing capacity within the district. The Train the Trainers program will allow local trainers to teach district and site leaders as well as teachers to stay ahead of the curve.


Two-day program.

Who Should Attend

School practitioners in the areas of professional development and technology in school districts who are prepared to lead the transformational processes of a district.

Delivery Options

  • Up to 25 school practitioners from across the nation who have demonstrated strong leadership in moving their schools forward in the digital age.
  • Delivered personally via a coaching/consulting model at the district/school site.


  • Hands-on learning experiences using scenarios and data that participants bring with them.
  • Those trainers who complete the Train the Trainers course will be able to offer the training to district employees in face-to-face, hybrid or completely online modes using USD courses and curricula. The curricula and materials are those that the USD has successfully offered for public enrollment as four two-unit courses, each scheduled for a two-month time period and delivered fully online. The courses currently offered by MTLC offer anytime, anywhere convenience, open enrollment, affordable tuition, a cohort structure of like-minded participant leaders, and a curriculum designed to work with any mobile device taught by experts who are accomplished and experienced teachers for mobile technology.


  • Digital Literacy: participants will be provided strategies and techniques to lead the school community to effective integration of mobile technology tools.
  • Use of Digital Data: participants will be provided tools and resources to locate, organize, understand, evaluate and analyze information using digital technology.
  • Social Media: participants will be provided tools and resources to develop the school community’s ability to utilize social media to transform teaching and learning experiences.
  • Student Learning Experiences: participants will be provided strategies and techniques to create and support meaningful student-directed learning experiences using mobile technology.
  • Collaboration: participants will be provided strategies and techniques to lead the development of collaboration, communication and co-creation of content in the school community.
  • Leadership of Digital Environments: Develop capacity to deploy, manage and lead all aspects of mobile technology integration into the school community.