BYOD Training

This training prepares school superintendents, school principals, teacher leaders and technology professionals to implement effective uses of mobile technology in the classroom with a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. Upon completion of the training, leaders will have the tools needed to implement an effective, large-scale BYOD program that maximizes student productivity and achievement.


One day.

Who Should Enroll

Educational leaders at all levels within the school system that are committed to implementing an effective, large-scale BYOD mobile technology program.

Delivery Options

  • Up to 50 participants from specific regions across the nation at each event
  • Delivered via an interactive session with coaching/consulting at the district site available


  • Hands on, case study style using scenarios and data that superintendents bring with them and using technology devices
  • Scheduled monthly virtual visits
  • Cohort collaboration programs enabling superintendents to communicate and collaborate with their peers, advisors, and mentors.


  • Why BYOD?
  • Key Factors: Key success factors in planning a BYOD initiative
  • Strategies: Effective strategies for gaining student, parent and administrator support
  • Requirements: Training requirements needed to implement a BYOD program
  • Devices: Major devices that are available today and the capabilities that exist to support different types of instructional content and assessment systems
  • Infrastructure: Planning steps your school system should take to examine your IT Infrastructure for managing new bandwidth demands
  • Security: Steps to protect the security of the school's network
  • Acceptable Use Policies
  • Instruction: Instructional content and recommendations
  • Implementation: Successful BYOD implementation across the US