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The leadership training and real-world experience you get at SOLES prepare you to step confidently into the career of your choice. Employers, too, feel confident about SOLES. In fact, when they need to fill an important role, they often look to our graduates.

We have a reputation for educating highly skilled communicators who know how to act effectively and lead meaningful change in the professional world. You can add to that advantage by working with our career development team to plan a clear path for your future. You'll also use internship opportunities, career conferences and our network of successful alumni to open doors for you.

Below, learn about opportunities to meet our alumni, find out what employers have to say about the value of SOLES graduates and schedule an appointment at the Career Development Center.

SOLES Alumna Karina Viaud

Alumni Spotlight

Meet SOLES Alumna Karina Viaud '02 MA, Counseling

After completing the M.A. program, I took a position as Coordinator of Student Activities at John Muir College at UCSD. After 5.5 years, I moved to L.A. to Occidental College to serve as Assistant Director for New Student Programs, where President Obama attended for 2 years. I enjoy and believe in the work of working with students; assisting in the development of young adulthood and helping them articulate the college experience in their careers.

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Employers love to hire SOLES graduates.

When the Cajon Valley Union School District offered an early retirement incentive we had about 60 vacancies for skilled teachers. Our first call was to the SOLES. The SOLES teacher education program is exceptional. SOLES candidates come prepared both for the present and the future and graduates from this program are highly sought after.

David Miyashiro, PhD, Superintendent, Cajon Valley Union School District

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