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Thank you for continuing to be a part of our SOLES community. We are very proud of all our alumni educators, therapists, leaders, and visionaries in today's nonprofits, businesses, schools, and health centers.

Our graduates are the type of people who seek to stay involved in their own communities and beyond. At this dedicated hub, you can find resources, events, announcements, and ways to stay involved as an ongoing supporter—and as a positive influence for the next wave of changemakers.

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Meet SOLES Alumnus Sergio Felipe Hernandez '20 (MA), Marital and Family Therapy

Sergio says: I always knew USD was a prestigious school and I've always heard great things about the program, even when I was in the program. Now being on the outside and in the working world, it's impressive and it doesn't stop impressing me how well they prepared me for what I'm doing, in every aspect. In the law and ethics portion of it, in the assessment, in the sort of case conceptualizing of clients in the interventions that we do, I feel like a lot of it has become almost second nature. It's not to say I know everything, but I feel really that I can apply a lot of the things that I learned and a lot of it just feels almost like common sense to me because of how well they presented the material. 

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