Daniel Reza

Daniel Reza

MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Student Ambassador


Pomona, CA

Expected Graduation Date

May 2021

Favorite thing about your program:

I really appreciate the amount of personal growth that you undergo through with this program. It is very reassuring to know that the professors here want to develop you into as much of a competent counselor as possible, and that you are more than only a student who is completing assignments and such. At the time that I am writing this, I have only completed my first year of the program, and I have undergone so much positive and healthy change with my own mental health and personal development. I cannot wait to see how I become a better version of myself as I complete this program and continue onto the profession.

Why did you choose SOLES? What made SOLES stand out in comparison to other schools with your similar program?

I chose SOLES because it holds a distinct philosophy that notably cares for the welfare of all people, and I highly resonate with that. In comparison to other schools I have applied to, SOLES has represented its values through affirmative action and clear communication across its programs, students, and faculty.

How do you balance school obligations with other obligations i.e. Family, military, part or full-time work, volunteer work, student organizations)?

Some of my classmates in my cohort commend me for my rigorous discipline in my work-life balance. I plan out each and every day to accommodate time for classes, my part-time graduate assistantship, hobbies, and other necessities such as self-care, appropriate travel time, and personal relationships.

What internships, assistantships, volunteer work, or fieldwork have you done through SOLES? How has it impacted you?

I currently have been working as a graduate assistant on-campus at the University of San Diego. I plan on joining at least one faculty member's research group, to gain more professional experience for my CV. In my last year of my program, along with the rest of my cohort, I will be at a practicum site where I will begin to mold my identify as a clinical mental health counselor. I know these future experiences will impact me greatly because they are the foundation for the professional experience I am building to later then apply for a doctoral program in Counseling Education.

What advice can you share with prospective students?

In applying to this program, the faculty and students here are not expecting you to be the best "non-official" counselor in the world, or even be an "expert" in the field. We are expecting you to help and improve something in the way that you say you can. If you can do that, then you belong here, and if chosen, you deserve to be here.