Ana Carbonell

Ana Carbonell

MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

SOLES Student Ambassador


Fort Lauderdale, FL

Expected Graduation Date

Spring 2020

Favorite thing about your program:

The plethora of opportunities! Any desire you have to explore research, leadership, service, etc. you can find it in SOLES.    

Why did you choose SOLES? What made SOLES stand out in comparison to other schools with your similar program?

So many things stood out to me about SOLES. I mean it was the ONLY master’s program I applied to. I was determined to go here. I loved the focus on diversity and cultural competency, specifically the international requirements and how every class has a multicultural component. I loved how small the program is, allowing for community to build and foster growth. I also loved the wide range of research interests among the faculty, allowing me to explore and get paid to do research in topics I love. 

How do you balance school obligations with other obligations (i.e. Family, military, part or full-time work, volunteer work, student organizations)?

My secret is my Passion Planner? I am a visual learner and having my week spread out in a detailed layout lets me balance my work with my care. I make sure to include plenty of self-care time in my weeks so that I don't burn out while I'm here. I also have learned how to say no to things that do not serve me. The SOLES students are usually more empathetic than most and we have a desire to help others but we also must learn how to take care of ourselves first.

What internships assistantships, volunteer work, or fieldwork have you done through SOLES? How has it impacted you?

I am very involved in SOLES and around the community. Besides being an ambassador I am also a research assistant for a professor within the CMFT department looking at survivors of gendered violence, I am the CMHC Co-president of Chi Sigma Iota (the national honor society for the counseling profession), and have and will continue to volunteer with different faculty in their own projects. These opportunities have expanded my awareness and knowledge in my profession and has made me a more well-rounded counselor. Ask me how to get involved and how to get the most out of your experience here! 

What advice can you share with prospective students?

If you're afraid, lean into it: you're probably headed in the right direction. Say YES more and help your fellow classmate, you can learn just as much from them as you can from your classes.