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The University of San Diego School of Leadership and Education Sciences is a place for aspiring leaders, for educators who want to make an impact, for those who believe idealism can be channeled into real change, for those who know the value of communication and collaboration. While our school includes multiple programs and departments, a few foundational elements resound through every student's experience.

Here, you'll learn to be a catalyst for change, whatever your career or field of study. You'll be accepted for who you are. You'll be mentored, encouraged, challenged, led and listened to. You'll become a better global citizen. You'll build lifelong connections.

Whether you seek to become a family therapist, an educator, a nonprofit director or any other career track within SOLES' realm, know that you're in the right place for dreamers driven to make an impact for good. Explore our admissions process from this page, and reach out with questions or to chat about program details.

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Envision Life at SOLES

Take a virtual tour of Mother Rosalie Hill Hall, beautiful home to SOLES' academic departments, centers, and institutes. The virtual tour also lets you see the rest of the USD campus, all from the comfort of your own home.

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Connect with Current Students

SOLES ambassadors are current students who can share their direct experiences with you and offer guidance as you pursue the next phase in your education. Our ambassadors help connect you with the SOLES and USD community. 

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