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Now more than ever, educators need resources and advice to create and deliver effective online learning. SOLES is proud to share its faculty expertise and resources with the USD community. We have been the leader of distance education at USD since 2013 with the launch of the university’s first online program, the Master in Education. SOLES is home to The Jacobs Institute for Innovation in Education, which offers among other things, professional learning for online education. Additionally, Dr. Joseph Lathan, Professor of Practice and Director of Online Programs for Learning and Teaching provides ongoing support for developing your remote teaching skills. Dr. Lathan has almost two decades of experience as an online education administrator with expertise in online learning pedagogy and online teaching and learning best practices.   

Below you will find information to help you navigate remote teaching and learning including our in-house webinars, resources, recommended publications, and technology tools.

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MAGNA 20-Minute Mentor Videos (Online Teaching Best Practices)

How Can I Make My Video Lectures Effective and Engaging?

This 20-minute video provides guidance for designing and delivering engaging video lectures that are effective in the unique context of the online classroom.  You’ll receive guidance and direction necessary to create video lectures that are intentionally designed to capitalize on the ways that students learn online.

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How Do I Infuse Equity into Any Online Class?

What does equity look like in the online classroom? This session will explore what it means to teach equitably and identifies five equitable practices that you can incorporate into your online courses.  

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How Can I Add Choice to My Course to Give Students Autonomy and Motivate Deep Learning?

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USD Online Learning Blog Posts 

Online Learning More Important Than Ever in the Face of COVID-19 Crisis

The familiar proverb “It takes a village” feels particularly appropriate in the education world right now. With schools from grades pre-K to higher education continuing to respond in the face of a global pandemic, educators everywhere are grappling with an online teaching “learning curve” as they seek out ways to create meaningful, virtual experiences for their students.

Remote Teaching Resources for Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis

Replacing face-to-face classroom interaction with online technology is unfamiliar territory for most educators. Fortunately, the education community has mobilized to share ideas, strategies and resources on remote teaching, online learning and more.

USD Webinars

Online Learning Myths, Realities & Best Practices

Have you heard conflicting information or carry a certain perspective on the quality, rigor, and expectations of online education vs in-person education?

This informative, interactive workshop with Dr. Joseph Lathan covers 7 of the most common myths and realities of online education as well as 12 best practices for teaching online. This workshop is intended for all audiences in which new and experienced online faculty discuss the realities to dispel the myths of online education.

View the video and faculty discussion.

What Teaching Strategies Help Engage All Learners Online?

This program introduces teaching strategies designed to engage all students online, especially those who feel marginalized. Being sensitive to ensuring all students feel valued and respected can mean the difference between successful completion and dropping the course. By following the PAIR model, detailed in this program, instructors can maximize student success through authentic and genuine inclusion and engagement.

View the video and faculty discussion.

How Can I Become a Better Online Instructor?

Gain five practical strategies to help you as an online instructor and experience greater satisfaction in your work while creating more rewarding learning experiences for your online students.

View the video and faculty discussion.

Top 10 Online Teaching Strategies

Dr. Lisa Dawley, Executive Director of The Jacobs Institute for Innovation in Education at the University of San Diego, shares her Top 10 Online Teaching Strategies.

Online Design Toolkit: CARP Graphic Design Principles

Dr. Lisa Dawley, Executive Director at The Jacobs Institute for Innovation in Education, discusses the CARP visual design principles, copyright-free resources, and content design tools.



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