CTC Bilingual Authorization

Reporting Measures

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing has seven required elements made up of 18 specific exhibits, which are used to provide information related to the Program Review. 

Following is the list of the CTC elements with links to exhibits that provide supporting evidence for each element:

Bilingual Authorization Program Narrative

Bilingual Authorization Preconditions

  • Precondition 1: Prerequisite Credential
  • Precondition 2: English Learner Authorization
  • Precondition 3: Intern Program Delivery

Bilingual Authorization Common Standards Addendum

  • Common Standard 1: Institutional Infrastructure to Support Educator Preparation
  • Common Standard 2 – Candidate Recruitment and Support
  • Common Standard 3 – Fieldwork and Clinical Practice
  • Common Standard 4 – Continuous Improvement
  • Common Standard 5 – Program Impact

Bilingual Authorization Program Standards

  • Standard 1: Program Design
  • Standard 2: Assessment of Candidate Competence
  • Standard 3: The Context for Bilingual Education and Bilingualism
  • Standard 4: Bilingual Methodology
  • Standard 5: Culture of Emphasis
  • Standard 6: Assessment of Candidate Language Competence