CTC Bilingual Authorization

Reporting Measures

This website provides the materials required by the CTC to initiate our Bilingual Authorization Program at the University of San Diego. The Department of Learning and Teaching has developed the program structure in collaboration with our University community partners as well as the district and county dual-language stakeholders. We look forward to receiving feedback and approval from the CTC.

Following is the list of the CTC elements with links to exhibits that provide supporting evidence.

Preconditions Statement

On September 13, 2019 Dr. Heather Herrera, Assistant Dean for Assessment for the School of Leadership and Education Sciences submitted the Revised and Resubmitted CTC Preconditions Report for the General Education Preconditions (Multiple and Single Subject, Internship Programs, the Education Specialist, and Pupil Personnel Services Credential. This section addresses the Preconditions for the Bilingual Authorization Program Proposal.  It addresses Bilingual Authorization Precondition (1), (2) and (3) as per the CTC Bilingual Authorization Preconditions Guidance Revised August 2019.


(619) 260-4270 

Initial Program Preconditions Evidence Guidance

  • Demonstration of Need
  • Collaboration in Program Design and Implementation

Bilingual Authorization Preconditions

  • Precondition 1: Prerequisite Credential
  • Precondition 2: English Learner Authorization
  • Precondition 3: Intern Program Delivery

Bilingual Authorization Common Standards Addendum

  • Common Standard 1: Institutional Infrastructure to Support Educator Preparation
  • Common Standard 2 – Candidate Recruitment and Support
  • Common Standard 3 – Fieldwork and Clinical Practice
  • Common Standard 4 – Continuous Improvement
  • Common Standard 5 – Program Impact

Bilingual Authorization Program Standards

  • Standard 1: Program Design
  • Standard 2: Assessment of Candidate Competence
  • Standard 3: The Context for Bilingual Education and Bilingualism
  • Standard 4: Bilingual Methodology
  • Standard 5: Culture of Emphasis
  • Standard 6: Assessment of Candidate Language Competence