The SOLES Office of Accreditation and Assessment works closely with faculty, staff, students, administrators and community partners to design assessment instruments, collect pertinent information and analyze data. This collaborative effort of assessment demonstrates our belief in a culture of evidence to ensure academic quality to the satisfaction of all educational stakeholders.

Transparency for Future Students and Stakeholders

Programs within the School of Leadership and Education Sciences at the University of San Diego are committed to providing students with a high quality education. We support the transparency of assessment findings so that potential students and internal/external stakeholder groups have data to make informed decisions about our programs.

Data-Driven Decision Making

In conjunction with program faculty, the SOLES Accreditation and Assessment Office collects data regarding student experiences and program efficacy. The SOLES Evaluation Schedule contains a list of the evaluations, their purposes and their frequencies.

Data collected within each department are used by faculty, staff, and administrators to make decisions regarding curriculum, instruction and program improvement. Student learning outcomes and assessment methods are posted for each program, as well as exit and alumni survey reports. Program highlights graphically capture the strengths of each program.

Reports and Dashboards