​Reserve a Space

Thank you for your interest in reserving a space at USD's Mother Rosalie Hill Hall (MRH). Please see directions below to request a space.

Reserving a Space

For an internal event or meeting space request please submit your request through USD's Virtual EMS System.

Internal Departments Event Checklist

Undergraduate student organizations must submit an event request through the Student Leadership Involvement Center and have the approved EvR forwarded to the event scheduler in MRH. The scheduler will then contact the student organization directly with the space confirmation.

Graduate Student organizations must submit an event request through the Graduate Student Life Office and have the approved event forwarded to the event scheduler in MRH. The scheduler will then contact the student organization directly with the space confirmation.

A co-sponsored event is an event by which an officially recognized USD student organization, department or school enters into an agreement with an off-campus group or organization for the purpose of offering a program jointly. Co-sponsorship is appropriate when there is a clear connection with, or a contribution to the university.

To request a space for a co-sponsored event a co-sponsorship form must be completed and approved by University Scheduling before any spaces can be reserved.

Co-Sponsored Events

External organizations who would like to request space in MRH will need to complete the External Guest Form. Once it has been approved by University Scheduling it will be forwarded to MRH's event scheduler who will then contact the coordinator for the external event/meeting for more details.

For any questions or comments please contact our office by emailing mrhevents@sandiego.edu.

External Clients Event Checklist

Academic Spaces

The USD School of Leadership and Education Sciences has a team of administrators, faculty, staff and students dedicated to supporting the use of technology for communication, instruction, research and professional development. Resources within SOLES include smart classrooms, Macintosh and PC desktop and laptop computers and a student computer lab. In addition to the SOLES facilities and technology support staff, there are several places on campus, both live and virtual, that promote the use of technology on and off campus.

In addition to traditional learning spaces, other areas were designed for individual or group studying and work. The space on the second floor also includes two desks with computers for drop in use.

a MAC computer lab in Mother Rosalie Hall Walk-in computer lab

The lab is equipped with an instructor sympodium and equipped with a dual boot MAC computer. Software on each computer includes: Microsoft Office, Real Player, Firefox, and Chrome. The MAC side also includes: iWork, iLife, Adobe Creative Suite CS5, and Flip4mac, while the windows side also includes: Spss 18, ArcGis 9, Safari and iTunes. The lab is equipped with 24 stations and dedicated solely to walk-in services.


students in a observation room in Mother Rosalie Hall Observation/Recording rooms

Observation/recording rooms for clinical work where students are able to observe and witness first-hand private interview sessions. Observing through one-way glass or recording the interview session students can analyze the session with peers or later in a classroom setting.

the Hannon Methods classroom in Mother Rosalie Hall Hannon Methods Classroom

MRH 127
Capacity: 28

one of the SOLES living rooms in Mother Rosalie Hall Living Room There are two open spaces that we call "living rooms" where students can either gather to study, work on projects or simply socialize. Wireless routers are conveniently located so that students can easily access the Internet.
a standard classroom in Mother Rosalie Hall Standard Classrooms
MRH 131 28
MRH 133 28
MRH 135 24
MRH 145 24
MRH 201 24
MRH 211 30
a seminar room in Mother Rosalie Hall Standard Seminar Room
MRH 107 12
MRH 137 16
MRH 139 16
MRH 141 16
MRH 147 12
MRH 207 10

Special Event Spaces

the warren auditorium Warren Auditorium

Capacity: 188
Sq. Feet: 3,485
More pictures

a SOLES executive classroom Executive Classroom

Capacity: 60
Sq. Feet: 2,042
More pictures

the reception hall Hilton Loggia in Mother Rosalie Hall Hilton Loggia

Capacity: 85 (reception)
Sq. Feet: 1,077
More pictures

the reception hall Bishop Buddy Sala in Mother Rosalie Hall Bishop Buddy Sala

Capacity: 115 (reception), 70 (sit-down)
Sq. Feet: 1,400
More pictures

the west plaza on the south side of Mother Rosalie Hall West Plaza (south side)

Capacity: 200 (reception), 100 (sit-down)
Sq. Feet: 3,000
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the inner courtyard of Mother Rosalie Hall Inner Courtyard

Capacity: 123 (reception), 75 (sit-down)
Sq. Feet: 1,690
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the Parkman Plaza outside of Mother Rosalie Hall Parkman Plaza

Capacity: 165 (reception), 100 (sit-down)
Sq. Feet: 2,000
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Additional Resources

Equipment Check-out Request a digital camera for SOLES-related use

Will Hoagland
(619) 260-7576

Facilities and Operations Questions regarding usage of the building and facilities

MRH Events
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Space Requests Reserve a space

MRH Events
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Marquee Signage Request Marquee Signage Request

University Scheduling

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Contact MRH Facilities

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Melissa Hernandez
Lead Scheduler & Operations Coordinator
Academic Scheduling
P: (619) 260- 7915
Event Scheduling & Building Operations
P: (619) 260- 7915
William Hoagland
AV Technician and Support Specialist
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