​Evacuation Procedures

​In the event that a fire alarm or verbal notice of evacuation is heard we ask that you please follow the procedure below upon evacuating the building.

  • Immediately stop what you are doing and proceed to evacuate the building.
  • During evacuation, walk, don't run. Keep noise to a minimum.
  • Close, but do not lock, doors to help contain fire and smoke.
  • Do not use elevators. On stairways, use handrails and stay to the right.
  • After evacuating the building through the closest exit location, relocate to the safe assembly area, which is the grass area behind the Copley Library across the street (to the east) of Mother Rosalie Hill Hall.
  • Do not re-enter the building until told that is safe to do so by Public Safety Department personnel or Floor Safety Representative.

Mother Rosalie Hill Hall Safety Representative:
Melissa Mitcham

Bert's Bistro Safety Representatives:
M.T. Karlinger
Mickey Gonzalez

Please remember that no matter what the situation may be if the fire alarm is sounded you must evacuate the building immediately.

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