Antonio Jimenez Luque

Antonio Jimenez Luque
Phone: (619) 260-4213
Office: Mother Rosalie Hill Hall 275B

Assistant Professor

  • PhD, Gonzaga University (GU), Leadership Studies
  • MA, University of Barcelona (UB), Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), and Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), Spain, Latin American Studies
  • MA, University of Barcelona, Globalization, Development and Cooperation
  • MA, University of Barcelona, International Studies
  • BA, University of Barcelona, History

Dr. Antonio Jimenez-Luque’s work, broadly speaking, explores how cultural, social, and historical perspectives influence conceptualizations and practice of leadership understood as a relational process of mobilization, emancipation, and social change. At the intersection of critical theory and intercultural studies, his research topics are (1) organizational culture and change; (2) leadership and framing for sense/meaning-making; and (3) critical interculturality and global social justice.

From 2004-2013, Dr. Jimenez-Luque was the Coordinator for the International Cooperation for Development at the University of Barcelona Solidarity Foundation. He designed and implemented projects on topics related with human development, peace-building, human rights, and critical interculturality with local governments, universities, grassroot organizations, and social movements in Algeria, DR Congo, Vietnam, Colombia, and Bolivia, among other countries. In 2014, Dr. Jimenez-Luque moved to United States where he worked at Gonzaga University for the Associate Vice-President for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion as Intercultural Research Associate, and taught a variety of classes including Leading Across Cultures, Democracy and Human Rights, and Latin American Politics.

Scholarly Work


2013 Bondia, D., & Jimenez-Luque, T. The Colombian Enigma. Barcelona, Editorial Huygens.

2008 Jimenez-Luque, T. Medio ambiente, cambio climático y conflictos internacionales: La cuestión del agua [Environment, climatic change and international conflicts: The matter of water]. Mallorca, Inrevés Edicions.

Edited Books

2009 Jimenez-Luque, T., & Kabunda, M. (Eds.). La République Démocratique du Congo: Les droits humains, les conflits et la construction / destruction de l’État [Democratic Republic of Congo: Human rights, conflicts, and the construction/destruction of the State]. Mallorca, Inrevés Editions.

Articles in Professional Journals (Peer-reviewed)

2018 Jimenez-Luque, T. Decolonizing leadership studies: Overcoming obstacles toward an intercultural dialogue between knowledges. Studies of Changing Societies Journal, Vol 1.

2017 Jimenez-Luque, T. Human Rights from its origins to the twenty-first century: A journey through empathy, love, the will to power, and the will to meaning. International Journal of Servant Leadership, Fall 2017. New York, NY: Suny Press.

Book Chapters

2018 Jimenez-Luque, T. Global and intercultural leadership: Implementing a comprehensive and sustainable peace process in Colombia. In Campbell, A. (Ed.). Global leadership initiatives for conflict resolution and peacebuilding. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Office Hours

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