University Senators and Executive Committee 2020-2021

Senator names, terms, and contact details






Arts and Sciences        
Bilsel, Can Arts & Sciences Two 7987
Bolender, James Arts & Sciences One 4792
Cantzler, Julia Arts & Sciences Two 6802
Clark, Timothy Arts & Sciences Two 7703
Floyd, Carlton Arts & Sciences One 7916
Ellis, Hugh Arts & Sciences Two 4075
Guerrieri, Kevin Arts & Sciences One 7827
Hales, Jena Arts & Sciences One 4509
Lowery, Sue Arts & Sciences Two 4078
Melekian, Brad Arts & Sciences Two 4696
Nadkarni, Vidya Arts & Sciences One 4010
Norton, Noelle Arts & Sciences   2702
Reifer, Thomas Arts & Sciences One 7422
Starkey, Shannon Arts & Sciences One 4492
Stern, Susannah Arts & Sciences Two 7814
Pierson, Eric Arts & Sciences 1st Alt. 7437
Morse, Geoffrey Arts & Sciences 2nd Alt. 7914
Bell, Anthony Arts & Sciences 3rd Alt. 4285
Maxim, Juliana Arts & Sciences 4th Alt. 7636
School of Business        
Durkin, Mary Business One 4704
Gin, Alan Business One 4883
Ivanic, Aarti Business Two 4868
Keane, Tim Business   4886
Ma, Alyson Business Two 2383
Sumner, Steve Business One 7469
Croom, Simon Business 1st Alt. 2791
Rebman, Carl Business 2nd Alt. 4135
Copley Library        
Byrd, Theresa Copley Library   2370
Nann, Alejandra Copley Library One 7724
Besnoy, Amy Copley Library Alt. 2368
Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering        
Garcia, Sat Engineering One 4017
Khalil, Imane Engineering Two 7856
Roberts, Chell Engineering   4627
Hoople, Gordon Engineering 1st Alt. 2753
Chase, Bradley Engineering 2nd Alt. 7466
School of Law        
Claus, Laurence Law One 5933
Kelly, Mike Law Two 2333
Lawrence, Bill Law Two 4137
Lazerow, Bert Law 1st Alt. 4597
Ramirez, Jean Law 2nd Alt. 2327
Schapiro, Robert Law   4527
Hahn School of Nursing        
Fuller, Martha Nursing Two 4562
Georges, Jane Nursing   4566
Milo, Razel Nursing One 2714
Kroc School        
Choi-Fitzpatrick, Austin Peace Studies One 7948
Marquez, Patricia Peace Studies   7795
McDougal, Topher Peace Studies Alt. 7927
School of Leadership and Education Sciences        
Golubovic, Ned SOLES  One
Lebensohn-Chialvo, Florencia SOLES Two 2462
Quezada, Reyes SOLES Two 7453
Spencer, Joi SOLES   4540
Hall, Kristopher SOLES 1st Alt. 4287
Sanchez, Nydia SOLES 2nd Alt. 8839
Jez, Rebekka SOLES 3rd Alt. 4292
Ex-Officio - w/out vote        
Harris, James T. President   4520
Baker, Gail F. Provost   4553


Senate Executive Committee Members

2020-21 Executive Committee

Chair Kevin Guerrieri
Vice Chair Reyes Quezada
Secretary Martha Fuller
Parliamentarian Mike Kelly 
At large Sat Garcia
At large Mary Durkin
Alternates (ranked): 1. Alejandra Nann
2. Julia Cantzler
3. Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick
4. Sue Lowery
Senate Ex-Officio Members

Ex-Officio Members (w/out vote)

President James T. Harris
Provost Gail F. Baker