University Senate Committees

Standing Committees of the Senate

Faculty Status Committee

Honorary Degrees Committee

Budget Committee

Benefits Policy Committee

Jurisdiction Committee

Senate Representation on Committees of the Board of Trustees

Senate Representation on Committees of the Board of Trustees

Additional Committees with Senate Appointments

Additional Committees with Senate Appointments

Faculty Status Committee. Functions: The functions and responsibilities of the Faculty Status Committee include:

a. Identifying and investigating issues that affect general faculty status, with the exception of those related to faculty benefits that are addressed by the Committee on Benefits Policy.
b. Reviewing existing policies related to faculty status and making recommendations to the Senate regarding them.
c. Developing and recommending new policies to address issues related to faculty status.
d. Advising the Senate and University administration regarding decisions that affect faculty welfare (e.g., strategic directions, economic entrenchment).

Charge: 1) Review the policies on the agenda elated to faculty status, except for the Policy on Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect, and 2) Examine the issue of the status of the Copley Library.

General Counsel (in advisory capacity)
Hans Schmitz, SOLES
Ernie Kim, SOE
Sandra Sgoutas-Emch, CAS
Carl Rebman, SB
Bert Lazerow, Law
Eileen Fry-Bowers, SON
Laura Turner, Library

Honorary Degrees Committee. Charge: Early in the fall semester, invite nominations for honorary degree recipients from the University community in a manner which communicates the invitation to all administrative units of the faculty. Assure that nominators complete and sign the Nominations for Honorary Degree form. 

Research and provide to the Senate salient documentation regarding each nominee’s qualifications for receiving an honorary degree.  Meet to discuss and vote upon which nominee(s) to recommend to the Senate with vote numbers, but not Committee member names, recorded for the Committee Report.  Along with the nomination form, documentation and vote tally, forward to the Senate a succinct written report for each nominee of approximately two pages, providing the rationale for the Committee’s recommendation.  The report should explicitly address how the nominee’s qualifications comport with the criteria stated in the Honorary Degrees Policy.

Andrew Narwold, SB
Mikaya Lumori, SOE
Steve Staninger, CAS

Budget Committee. Charge: Make recommendations to the Senate regarding budget initiatives the Senate should advance with particular attention to the transparency of the budget, faculty participation in the budget process and the timing of the budget process.

Steven Sumner, SB
Rachel Blaser, CAS
Sarah Gray, CAS
Mary Barger, HSON
Fred Galloway, SOLES
Mike Kelly, SOL

Benefits Policy Committee. Charge: During the 2011-2012 academic year, the Benefits Policy Committee is charged to review the various options for changes to USD’s health care providers proposed for January 2013 by Human Resources and to make periodic reports to the Senate regarding these proposals and their rationales.  As part of its work, the Committee is further charged to investigate health insurance plans and employee costs for those plans at benchmark schools and report the findings of this investigation to the Senate by the end of the fall 2011 semester.

Members: Faculty Appointments
Carrie Tremble SOLES
John Glick SMSE
Laurence Claus LS
Laura Berend LS (retired)
Ryan Ratcliff SB
Amy Besnoy Copley
Caroline Etland SON


Jurisdiction Committee. Charge: Review proposed Cabinet approved changes to university policies forwarded to the Senate for its consideration to determine whether they fall within Senate jurisdiction. Adjudicate other jurisdictional questions as referred by the Executive Committee.

Kevin Cole, Law
Miriam Rothman, SB
Ami Carpenter, KSPS

Senate Representation on Committees of the Board of Trustees

Academic Affairs: Odesma Dalrymple, Engineering; Kevin Guerrieri, Arts & Sciences (Chair)
Athletics: Nedeljko Golubovic, SOLES    
Finance: Steve Sumner, School of Business
Student Affairs: Lisa Nunn, Arts & Sciences
Advancement: Susannah Stern, Arts & Sciences

Additional Committees with Senate Appointments

Academic Calendar Committee: Alejandra Nann, CL
Human Resources Advisory Committee:
Institutional Review Board (IRB): 

Institutional Review Board Faculty Appointments




James Weyant CAS  2
Corey Barnes CAS  3
Allen Snyder SOL  1
Hans Schmitz SOLES  2
Nedeljko Golubovic SOLES  3
Viviana Alexandrowicz SOLES  3
Jane Georges SON  3
Alison Sanchez SB  1
Joseph Burkard SON  1

Space Committee: Sue Lowery, CAS

Intellectual Property Policy Task Force:
Daniel Sheehan, CAS
Russ Fuller, CAS

Strategic Planning Steering Committee: Kevin Guerrieri, CAS

Susannah Stern, CAS
Lawrence Claus, SOL
Aarti Ivanic, SB (Chair)
Fred Galloway, SOLES

Envisioning2024 – Elevating Faculty and Faculty and Staff Engagement:
Eileen Fry-Bowers (HSON)

Faculty Compensation Policy Framework:
Alyson Ma, SB
Lawrence Claus, SOL

Textbook accessibility:
Mary Durkin, SB
Marko Svetina, SB

Mobility Plan:
Carl Rebman, SB
Nathalie Reyens, CAS
Nate Pardee, CAS

Classroom/Office Security: Erik Fritsvold, CAS

WASCUC: Aarti Ivanic, SB (Chair)

Transfer of Credit Ad Hoc Committee: