University Senate

The University Senate is a forum for faculty input on matters of significance to the university. Our senate consists of senators elected by the faculty, the academic deans, provost, and president, a representative of the associated students, a graduate student and a law student representative.

Senate jurisdiction extends to policies that affect more than one unit at the university, such as the undergraduate general education program; the quality of studies; policies pertaining to faculty appointment, reappointment, rank, and tenure; policies regarding faculty status, including all the conditions of appointment that go along with faculty status; general student welfare; and honorary degrees. Several senate committees participate in university governance, such as the Budget Committee and Benefits Policy Committee. The Senate Constitution and Bylaws are published in the University Policy and Procedures Manual, No. 1.5. Senate meetings are open to the entire university community and generally occur on alternating Thursdays, from 12:15-1:45 p.m., beginning early September of each year. The meeting schedule and minutes of recent meetings can be found using the links listed above.

The senate welcomes ideas from faculty regarding how the university might improve. If you have concerns or ideas, please contact the senate chair, members of the Executive Committee or your senate representative. Elections for the senate occur each spring, and Executive Committee officers are elected each September. If you are interested in serving on the senate, please let your colleagues know that you would like to be nominated. The senate has had an important voice in the development of administrative proposals, giving the senate a vital role in making the university a better place.