The San Diego Angel Conference process runs approximately six months beginning with the acceptance of new entrepreneur applicants to the day of the SDAC. The process culminates with the awarding of an investment to the conference finalist.

How does the San Diego Angel Conference Work?

  • Four to six months before the SDAC, entrepreneurs interested in participating have access to resources and workshops to sharpen their investment potential.
  • Two to four months before the SDAC, entrepreneurs apply for the Conference and finalize investment documents in Gust.
  • Two months prior to the SDAC, interested investors apply to participate in the LLC for accredited investors. 

Extensive due diligence is performed before the investment decision is made at the conference in a majority voting format. During the due diligence process, entrepreneurs present their pitches and investors form small deep-dive groups to learn more and report back to the larger investors group during regular meetings. Participation in regular due diligence meetings is encouraged but optional.

Process for Entrepreneurs

SDAC Angels seek to invest in one early-stage growth companies each calendar year. Eligible companies that can apply:

  • U.S. companies
  • Within a day’s drive from San Diego
  • Operate in any industry
  • Seek investment of $100k-$2M
  • Have the potential for a 10x return on investment in 5 years.

The application process is straight forward and the following screening and diligence processes are designed to be transparent, efficient, and constructive for both the entrepreneur and participating investors.

Application for Entrepreneurs

Any entrepreneur or company with a new product and/or a new startup business can apply to the San Diego Angel Conference.

Startup applications are due Monday, December 17, 20181.

  1. Submit a SDAC application. The application fee is $149 and includes access to all entrepreneur events leading up to the conference and one ticket to the San Diego Angel Conference March 15. Submit a SDAC online application.
  2. Create a Gust.com2 profile ASAP.  Start now, and keep refining!
  3. Sign-up for our MeetUp Group to find all the events to help you prepare for SDAC.

Our Angel Investors will use your one-page Gust profile beginning January 2019, to start ranking the applying companies. 


After initial screening by the members of the LLC, an extensive due diligence process is performed. Investors review Gust information, discuss with LLC members and ask clarifying questions. Entrepreneurs pitch to investors and receive feedback. The investors form small deep-dive teams to learn more about each entrepreneur’s business and conduct thorough due diligence, both online and in person. A small number of companies will be selected to be quarter-finalists, semi-finalists and eventually a small group (no more than eight) will be selected as conference finalists. Each of the conference finalists has a champion or “deal lead” among the investors. All conference finalists will pitch at SDAC and be presented by their deal lead. 


On the day of SDAC, each finalist delivers their investor pitch to Angel Investors and all other attendees. Once all the conference finalists have presented, the members of the LLC are sequestered and vote to determine a single winner.

The San Diego Angel Terms Sheet

In advance of SDAC, the LLC Manager will negotiate terms with each conference finalists. Historically, angel conference deals have been structured as convertible notes or investment in exchange for equity. 


The winner of the San Diego Angel Conference is publicly presented a check at the closing of the event for the full investment of the LLC.



1Dates are subject to change.

2Gust is an online platform for Start-ups and Investors. SDAC uses Gust to securely and privately collect your company information, business plan, and due diligence information.