Connect with San Diego Entrepreneurs

There are strict rules that govern how discussions with investors can take place; therefore, information on the website is limited. Signal Rock Capital is managing the back-end of the fund on behalf of the LLC. Founder, Will Fowler, is the contact for all investor information until the LLC Manager is established. The cost to participate of accredited investors is approximately $6,000.

If you meet the criteria below and are interested in learning more, please send a quick email to Will Fowler. Will can discuss with you the opportunity in more detail. 

In order for SDAC to be successful, seasoned community-minded investors participate alongside novice first-time investors. Each investor purchases a unit in the LLC, and the funds are pooled to create an investment of up to $200,000, to be awarded the day of the conference March 15, 2019. In the weeks leading up to SDAC, investors review the deals, perform due diligence, and share what they discover, narrowing the number of companies until only the finalists remain.

On the day of the SDAC, the conference finalists will make their final pitches and then the investors will select the company who will receive the investment.