Connect with San Diego Investors

San Diego Angel Conference (SDAC) invests in early-stage growth companies. Entrepreneurs are:

  • U.S. Company
  • Within a day’s drive of San Diego
  • Operate in any industry
  • Seek investment of $100k-$2M
  • Have the potential for a 10x return on investment in 5 years

The application of $149 covers the cost of all workshops and activities leading up to the Conference (approximately 10), and one ticket to SDAC. A good candidate for the Conference has the following characteristics:

  • A company with a large addressable market size
  • A product (at least a MVP)
  • A plan for the business to scale
  • Ability and willingness to accept and use an investment of ~$200K
  • A management team that can execute the plan
  • The potential for a 10x return in 5 years

The application deadline for pitch/entrepreneur submissions is Monday, December 17, 2018*. Entrepreneurs must upload deck and other information into Gust. Gust is an online platform for startups and investors. SDAC uses Gust to securely and privately collect your company information, business plan, and due diligence information.

There will be workshops for entrepreneurs in September, October, and November 2018.

You can see more about the workshops at meetup.com/San-Diego-Seed-Capital-Meetup.

Applications due Monday, December 17, 2018*.

*Dates are subject to change