Facilities Scheduling Guidelines

All University facilities are generally available to all segments of the University community for University-related uses.  The University likewise leases its facilities at times to outside organizations and groups.

Academic uses take precedence over all other uses of campus spaces which are traditionally used for academic classes.  These spaces are defined as lecture rooms, laboratories, sports fields, theatre stages, etc. Spaces for academic use are scheduled yearly during two major periods.  The first of these is mid-Fall semester for Spring classes.  The second is during late Spring and early Summer for Fall classes.

Priority in the event of a scheduling conflict is as follows:

  1. Academic use
  2. Administration, faculty and student sponsored events
  3. University-sponsored events involving outside persons
  4. Rental of facilities to outside organizations 

Scheduling Protocol for Paseo de Colachis:

Request for reservations for Student Commons lawn may be made by emailing universityscheduling@sandiego.edu.  Please note, that no reservations will be accepted for the 2017/2018 academic year.  In the future, only limited campus-wide events may be scheduled at the approval of Executive Council.  ​Once a Student Commons ​lawn request is approved, University Centers will assist with scheduling and campus coordination.

Patio spaces on Paseo de Colachis may be requested for events Monday- Friday 12pm- 2pm, through the Event Management System (EMS) WebApp, by logging in with your USD login.  Limited resources may be added to these locations.

Academic classes may be scheduled in the Colachis classroom on a first come first serve reservation by emailing nkuelbs@sandiego.edu.  Max capacity for the outdoor classroom is 25.  No resources can be added to this space. 


All USD-catered services will be provided by the University's Hospitality Services Department.  Exceptions for outside caterers must be approved by the Director of Dining Services.  Contact Dining Services for a complete policy statement.

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