Co-Sponsorship Form and Approval Process

What is Co-sponsorship?

Co-sponsorship is funding for a specific event where the University of San Diego receives a benefit as well as recognition for the co-sponsorship. Co-Sponsorship is a means by which an officially recognized USD student organization, department or school enters into an agreement with an off-campus group or organization for the purpose of offering a program jointly. Co-sponsorship is appropriate when there is a clear connection with, or a contribution to the university. It is intended that the educational mission of the co-sponsoring university department or university organization will be enhanced by the event. The university constituents value the opportunity for programming a co-sponsored event. The event must be open to the university faculty, staff and/or student.

Co-Sponsorship Application

The following six Co-Sponsorship Criteria and Guidelines must be met prior to submitting the online form:

  1. The university constituents must have significant participation in the activity or event. Examples include: being onsite the entire time the co-sponsored group is on campus for their event and being the sole point of contact on event day between the University and the co-sponsored group.
  2. All event publicity must list USD's sponsoring department in comparable size and status as the outside organization. USD logo must be approved in advance of printing and marketing the materials. Please contact University Communications for more details.
  3. The sponsoring organization/department become the sole university contact for the group. All requests of the University (e.g. scheduling, facility set-up, catering contract, Department of Public Safety, Parking Services, etc…) must be made and approved by the University scheduler.
  4. For all co-sponsored events where the university is collecting funds: all money to be collected (through ticket sales) is to be collected by approved cash handling venues in the University (UC Ticket Office, JCP Ticket Office) at pre-established costs. The University will disperse the collected funds to the co-sponsored group. Department POETS code must be submitted to the University scheduler prior to the date of the event.
  5. Any exceptions to the above items must be approved in writing by the designated University authority.
  6. Co-sponsorship forms must be submitted and approved no less than 30 business days prior to the scheduled event date, or prior to the event being booked.

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