Campus Signs and Posting Guidelines

The university takes pride in its Spanish Renaissance architectural heritage and beautiful grounds, which reflect campus tradition and values. Flyers, posters, and signs are frequently used to publicize events, but their proliferation can negatively impact the environment as well as detract from the beauty of our campus landscape. Individuals are urged to use sustainable materials and consider electronic media to reduce these impacts. The following protocols are intended to establish a balance between desire for publicity and USD’s commitment to a sustainable environment.

These protocols apply to all student, faculty, and staff postings on the USD campus. Promotional materials are allowed only for events which have been approved by Associated Students or a recognized student organization, Student Affairs, or USD administrative office. Postings within the college or a school must be approved by the appropriate dean’s office or an appointed advisor.

Outside organizations or parties that host events on campus may post printed material relating to the event on university property only if doing so is permitted in the party’s contract with USD or is otherwise approved in writing by the appropriate university liaison to the outside organization or party. Any such posting must comply with these protocols. All other postings by outside organizations or parties must be submitted to Student Affairs for approval and permitted locations.

For more information regarding signs and postings, please read the Protocols and Standards for Campus Signs and Postings.