Faculty/Staff Event Planning

The University of San Diego is committed to advancing customer service by providing faculty and staff a central place to request spaces on the USD campus. The following steps will help to guide you through the process of using Virtual EMS, the new Event Management System, where you will find everything you need to make your event a success.

STEP 1: Determine When and Where You Want to Have Your Event

What date and what time?

Do you have a preferred location?

What room setup are you envisioning and for how many people?

STEP 2: Choose Your Desired Space

Based on available spaces that Virtual EMS outputs, select the space that best fit your needs.

*If you are not familiar with the building, you may view information and photos for each venue.

STEP 3: Input Details Regarding Your Event & Submit

Complete necessary details and communicate all your event needs via the Virtual EMS web app and submit the form once it is completed.

Do you need catering? Do you need other resources such as a projector, podium, or a specific type of table?

Do you need parking or tram service? The Tram Request template is available for Tram services.

NOTE: Parking reservation are not currently being accepted through EMS Web App. Contact parking@sandiego.edu with questions.

STEP 4: Look for Event Confirmation Via E-mail

A scheduler will contact you within 72 (business) hours upon receiving/reviewing your request.

*Please note some spaces have special rules / operational costs. You will be notified if the space you selected falls into this category. A request for a particular space does not guarantee a reservation for that space. Reservations will be based on availability and set-up needs. If you have questions about specific locations or set-ups, you can call the appropriate scheduler from this list of schedulers.