The Lean Essentials Sprint Program

A course for entrepreneurs to discover customers and value


What is Lean Essentials Sprint?

Described by participants as an accelerator for entrepreneurs - the Lean Essentials Sprint (LES) is designed to help emerging companies discover your customer, validate that customer, establish your value proposition delivery mechanism, and work through many other key components needed to launch and sca

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le a successful business.

The course is designed to accomplish three basic objectives:

  1. Entrepreneurs must let go of their precious “ideas.” Ideas don’t make money, business models withcustomers make money, and teams that execute make money.
  2. The answers are outside the building. Entrepreneurs must go get primary data directly from potential customers and partners in order to truly get insights into the idea, the model, and the viability of the business.
  3. Business acumen matters. Startups must have a basic understanding of business models, pricing, costing, margins, market capacity, and product/service capacity in order to make good business decisions.


Week 1: Business Model Canvas
Week 2:  Product Positioning & Value Proposition
Week 3: Customer Interviews
Week 4: Customer Interviews, Relationships & Minimum Viable Product
Week 5: Market Research & TAM SAM SOM
Week 6: Funnels, Channels & Metrics
Week 7: Pitching & Mission & Vision
Week 8: Demo Day, Class Presentations and Insights

Next series dates - Fall 2020

Tuesdays from 11:30 AM -1:30 PM (Virtual events, bring your lunch or eat 


  • October 27
  • November 3
  • November 10
  • November 17 
  • November 24 
  • December 1  
  • December 8 

Pre-Readings (to be completed before the first session)

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$150, for the entire series

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