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Here are some of our successful small business stories. 


black sunglasses in caseWilliam Painter, San Diego, 92109

Economic Impact

   • Capital infusion: $780,000
   • Sales increase: $600,000

“The SBDC has fueled our expansions toward $5M in sales, and they continue to be truly vital to our company's success.” —Matthew Decelles, CEO


CM Solar, San Diego, 92126

Economic ImpactGroup of men beside CM Solar van

  • Sales increase: $1.5M
  • Jobs created: 10
  • Capital infusion: $70,000

“Thanks largely to SBDC's incredible support. We've been completely transformed into a growing, thriving $3M company.” —Carlos Melendez, CEO



Next Door, San Diego, 92115

Man in front of Next Door, a wine bar.Economic Impact

  • Capital infusion: $130,000
  • Jobs retained: 3
  • Business saved from closure

“I had no idea how to purchase a business but SBDC helped me every step of the way, and now we're off and running!” —Jack Major, President




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