The BRINK - About


The Brink is part of the San Diego & Imperial Small Business Development Center Network, which is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the US Small Business Administration. SBDCs are a national program that serves small businesses (for-profit enterprises with fewer than 500 employees). The Brink SBDC is a specialty center focused on innovation, one of only a handful of its kind in the country.

The Brink SBDC at USD provides world-class training and one-to-one consulting to business clients running or starting growth-oriented, innovation-based companies, resulting in economic growth and prosperity for the region while attaining the penta-bottom line (profit, people, planet, peace, prosperity).

Client Profile

Our ideal client is an entrepreneur with an innovative product, solution or service and has a larger than local addressable market and a scalable business model. They also strive to learn and want to grow.

Level 1 Clients

Entrepreneur has a product or service idea, but not yet operable. Market assumed. Led by a single would-be founder-entrepreneur.

Level 2 Clients

Pilot operable. Not yet developed for production. Market assumed. Led by two founders or a founder and technical expert, additional management team positions open, and individuals not identified or not filled.

Level 3 Clients

Product or service fully developed (or operational MVP). Few (or no users) yet. Market assumed. Partially staffed management team. Absent members identified, to join when firm is funded.

Level 4 Clients

Fully developed. Many satisfied users. Market established. Fully staffed, experienced management team.