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As our world evolves, so do its challenges. Complex problems that call for disruptive action. The world needs rebels and renegades. Instigators and iconoclasts. Founders.

Who see what others don’t. The undiscovered. The unconsidered. The untapped. Exploring and experimenting in the unknown. Pushing the limits of all things unthinkable.

At USD, we’re tempered to forge change. We’ve brought new approaches to peace and re-engineered the way engineering is taught.

Our new space with the SBDC is built to empower visionaries. Accelerating upstarts and startups with the capital required to relentlessly venture. Partnering founders with the minds and mentors necessary to generate targeted progress.

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for Innovation at University of San Diego offers world-class business consulting, and relevant and insightful guidance to growth-oriented, innovation-based entrepreneurs, who are running small businesses. SBDC focuses on providing support to businesses that have fewer than 500 employees, that are innovation focused and that are looking to impact not only economic growth but also prosperity for the region through the penta-bottom line approach (profit, people, planet, peace, prosperity).


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We are so proud to be part of your organization. The expertise and mentorship relationships are priceless! Steve [our consultant] is helping me see the forest from the trees. I feel like I am transforming into the CEO that my company needs.
-Dr. Aaron Dishno, CEO | Walk the Web