Weapons or Harmful Materials and Objects

Possession of weapons, i.e. fireworks, explosive devices, dirk, dagger, knives (whether fixed or folding having a blade length longer than 2 1/2 inches (unless the knife is being used lawfully in or around a residence or residential facility or for lawful use in food preparation or consumption), firearms of any type, air rifles, air pistols, pellet/BB guns, paintball guns, or other devices capable of expelling a projectile with force of air pressure or spring action, any type of non-functional replica weapon, potato guns, blow guns, spear guns, sling shots, bows and arrows, swords, any other form of weapon, sporting instrument, self-defense instrument, ammunition for any purpose (live or inert) and or any weapon possessed or used in violation of the California Penal Code are absolutely prohibited. As a private university, USD is permitted to impose a more stringent weapons policy than on public property.  Please note that certain items and behaviors that are legal under California law are prohibited on the USD campus, and that appropriate disciplinary measures will be pursued in the event that an individual is found to have violated University of San Diego weapons policy.