Dispatch Office


The Public Safety Security Systems Manager manages and oversees the daily duties of the pubic safety dispatchers as well as the ongoing development and implementation of standardized operating policies and procedures.


Public Safety Dispatch consists of several dispatchers on rotating shifts providing twenty-four (24) hours, seven (7) days-a-week coverage.  Their primary objectives include providing communications between all USD entities, patrol officers and department administrators in emergencies and non-emergencies between USD entities and City, County, State or Federal Agencies. 

They are responsible for answering the non-emergency ext. 7777 and emergency ext. 2222 phone calls, and managing communications via the County and University radio systems.

Public Safety Dispatchers also monitor and provide forensic support to the Video Surveillance Management Systems, Security and Fire Alarm Systems.  When required, the Dispatcher on-duty can execute a mass notification message or alert in the event of Campus Emergency.

All Department activity is also monitored and recorded via an automated records management system.