First-Year Housing

First-Year Housing

First-Year housing is the home of our Living Learning Community program. These areas offer easy access to classes and your professors, as well as close proximity to your classmates for study group sessions, and convenient access to on-campus events such as lectures, concerts, athletic events and the wide range of recreational activities on campus.

Living on campus makes it easy to familiarize yourself with our vibrant campus community, and when you choose to become part of our dynamic Living Learning Communities, you’ll have an opportunity to instantly connect with the Torero lifestyle. For more information on the LLC program please review this document.

In order to help you make a seamless transition to college life and community living, each first-year residence has live-in professional Community Directors, Resident Ministers and undergraduate Resident Assistants who are committed to helping you maximize your on-campus living experience.

PLEASE NOTE: All unmarried students with credits defining them as either a first-year or second-year student who are under 20 years of age at the initial start date of their first agreement period of occupancy at the University and who do not commute from the permanent (i.e. primary and not a secondary) San Diego County home of their parent(s) or court appointed legal guardian are required to live in University housing. A Resident who becomes 20 years of age following the Resident’s initial matriculation at the University will still be subject to and required to fulfill the two-year residency requirement.

First-Year Students

First-Year Students
  4 Semesters 3 Semesters 20 or Older*
Fall Enrollment X   E
Spring Enrollment   X E
Fall Leave of Absence   X E
  • X means required and E means exception
  • *20 years or older on the day of first year agreement period of occupancy (Incoming Fall Students: September 2, 2019)
  • The above chart applies to all new first year students and transfer students with less than 30 units (completed and transferable to USD)

Transfer Students

If you will start at USD in the fall, you will be required to live on campus for two semesters unless you satisfy at least one of the following:

  • 20 years of age or older by September 2, 2019
  • at least 60 units of coursework completed prior to USD
  • at least four full-time semesters of consecutive coursework completed prior to USD

If you will start at USD in the spring, you will be required to live on campus for one semester unless you satisfy at least one of the following:

  • 20 years of age or older by January 26, 2020
  • at least 60 units of coursework completed prior to USD
  • at least four full-time semesters of consecutive coursework completed prior to USD

All contracts are for the full academic year, which consists of both fall and spring semesters, or if entered into after the beginning of the academic year, for the remainder of that academic year. These policies apply to any freshman and transfer students who enter USD. *The residency requirement applies to all first and second year students.

Residential Areas

There are four first year residential areas, and each area has a Living Learning Community theme associated with it.


Please note the following housing information on these pages reflects our past practices and we are in the process of determining any possible changes due to COVID-19. We will provide updates as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Camino/ Founders

Please note - in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, Camino and Founders Halls will be offline for renovation work as a part of USD's Renaissance plan. The Cultivate LLC will be temporarily relocated to the San Antonio de Padua (SAP) building for the 2020-21 academic year, and the Illuminate LLC will be relocated to Valley B. 


The Camino/Founders complex features two connected buildings, separated by gender, on the west end of campus that were originally built for the San Diego College of Women in the early 1950s. Student residences exist on the second floor, while classrooms occupy the second floor, of these two-story buildings. Camino Hall is our All-Male accommodation, whereas Founders is All-Female. Their unique design provides most rooms with a view of the beautifully landscaped courtyards. Residents share communal bathrooms with individual "Johnny-Squares" assigned to each room. The rooms accommodate two, three or four residents.


Located at the center of campus and adjacent to the beautiful Plaza de San Diego, Maher Hall provides student housing on the top three stories of the building. Coed by wing, all Maher rooms have private baths and accommodate two, three or four residents.

Valley A

Coed by floor, the Valley A (formerly Missions A) Complex offers suite-style living, in which each floor consists of a semi-private shower and bathroom, with furnished lounges. Each suite has eight residents living in either single or double bedrooms. Each suite has its own common room and two bathrooms to be shared by the eight residents of the suite. 

Valley B

The Valley B (formerly Missions B) Complex consists of four three-story buildings (San Luis, San Juan, San Miguel and San Rafael) that offer single and triple occupancy bedrooms. Each floor provides residents with two communal bathroom areas and two lounges.

Please visit our Living Learning Communities pages for additional information.

Valley Apartments: San Antonio de Padua

Traditionally available for upper division students, SAP will be utilized for First Year students during the 2020-21 academic year, while Camino and Founders halls are closed due to Renaissance plan renovations.


San Buenaventura and the San Antonio de Padua (SAP) apartments together represent the Valley Apartments, the second-year and upper division options for living in the Valley. SAP offers 41 units consisting of studios for three residents and large one-bedroom apartments for four residents. A laundry room and a study/piano lounge are located on the ground level of this three-story building. Each unit is entered from an interior hallway and some have balcony views of Tecolote Canyon and Mission Bay. There is an outdoor living space that features a large seating area, fire pit, lounge chairs, and patio furniture perfect for spending time with friends or pursuing outdoor study groups.