Second Year Torero Experiential Program

All students who live on campus experience an added value of professional staff members and RAs, area community programs, high-quality facilities, and a stronger sense of community and connection to USD.

Within the Alcala Vistas and San Buenaventura there are special programmatic offerings, geared toward second-year students and the unique House Cup program.

L.I.F.T- Living in Faith Together:

LIFT offers second-year students the opportunity to Live In Faith together in Laguna Hall, which is part of the Alcala Vistas. An intentional faith community, LIFT is perfect for those who wish to explore the big questions of life: What do I believe? Where and when do I experience God most powerfully? Where does my deep gladness meet the world’s great needs? What is the meaning of my life and what should I do with it?

The LIFT community is based on the values of spirituality, community and service. Those who live in this community will receive the encouragement and support of others committed to growing in their relationship with God, with one another, and with their true self. Members of LIFT are encouraged to participate in weekly faith sharing nights; to engage in University Ministry sponsored Masses, retreats, and community service projects; and to live out their faith in all aspects of their life at the University of San Diego.

Space is limited and you will need to complete the Neighborhood Option E-form which will be an online form available in the housing portal beginning February 1 at 12noon. The deadline to submit the Neighborhood form and housing application is February 28 by 4PM.To learn more about the Neighborhood Option please visit the Application page.