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Frequently Asked Questions

These are just a few questions frequently asked here in the Registrar's Office. If you have any other questions that you might like to appear on this list, please feel free to let us know.

How do I crash a class?

First, download your add/drop form online. You will need to take this form to the instructor teaching the class you want to take. If they will allow you to crash, have them sign the form under "Instructors Signature" and bring the form to One Stop Student Center. There is no fee to add/drop a class.  There is no crashing in the School of Business.

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How do I sign up for an Intersession or Summer Class?

Go to the Summer and Intersession Office web site for detailed information.

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How do I defer a Student Loan?

You must be enrolled at least half time in order to defer a student loan. Check with your lender to make sure of their particular regulations. If your lender has not provided you with a deferment form contact them directly if you would like them to mail you one, or they might have it posted on their website. If you do not have an actual form, you can come into the Registrar's office and have us send your lender a verification of enrollment. Make sure you get their address or fax number so that you can provide us with this information.

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How do I enroll for a USD affiliated study abroad program?

You can contact the Study Abroad office in several ways. Their direct phone number is (619) 260-4598 and their office is located in Serra Hall Room 315 . The Study Abroad Web site can also be visited for more information.

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What if I'm studying abroad through a non-affiliated program?

If you are studying abroad through another university's program, you must take a leave absence for that semester prior to leaving USD; otherwise you will be withdrawn from the University of San Diego. Undergraduate students should contact the Office of Ass't Vp for Student Learning in order to obtain the proper paperwork. They are located in the University Center Rm. 132 and their phone number is (619) 260-7663. If you are a graduate student, you would contact the Graduate Records Office located in Founders Hall Rm. 106. The Graduate Records Office phone number is (619) 260-2217.

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How do I take a leave of absence?


All undergraduate leaves of absence and withdrawals for Fall 2010 semester and after will be handled through the Center for Student Success (CSS) :

University Center, Room 114
Phone: (619) 260-5995

*International students must also visit International Services (Serra 315) to obtain a signature from the designated school officials.

(Note: Process moved from the Dean's Office of Arts & Sciences, Business and Nursing)

Graduate students need to contact the Graduate Records Office in order to obtain the proper paperwork to take a leave of absence. They are located in Founders Hall. 106 and can be reached at (619) 260-2217. If this paperwork is not submitted you will be withdrawn from the University.

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How do I apply for readmission?

If an Undergraduate student was enrolled at USD, left, and now wishes to be readmitted, they can either come by the Registrar's Office in Founders Hall 117B to pick up the Application for Readmission, of print and fill out the Readmission Form [PDF 423 KB].

Please note: Deadline to apply is one month prior to start of semester. We cannot process your application until all transcripts are received. We will need both the Application for Readmission, the Registrar's Information Form, and any transfer work, filled out and mailed to:

University of San Diego
Office of the Registrar
5998 Alcala Park
San Diego, CA 92110

Or, they can be faxed to (619) 260-4649.

If you have any questions, please email the Registrar's Office:

Graduate students need to contact the Office of Graduate Admissions to apply for readmission. They are located in Serra Hall Rm. 202 or can be reached by telephone at (619) 260-4524.

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When should I petition for graduation?

Undergraduates should file a Graduation Petition (Bachelor) well in advance of the commencement ceremony to ensure they will be able to meet graduation requirements on time. Once you achieve 'Senior' status (90 Units and above) you will be given access to the 'Senior' Tab in the MYSANDIEGO Portal. You may 'Petition to Graduate' using the link there.

Graduate students can obtain their petition to graduate in the Graduate Records Office in Founders Hall Rm. 117 B. The actual deadline dates for filing a graduation petition can be found in the academic calendar.

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Where can I find information about graduation?

You can find up-to-date graduation information on the Commencement web site.

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What happens if I'm a January graduate?

If you are a January graduate, you will be able to attend the May commencement ceremony. However, your degree will be posted on your transcripts by the second week in February and your diploma mailed to you around the end of February.

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What if I'm not graduating until August?

Since Commencement is a solemn, official University action, close monitoring of authorized participants is mandatory. August baccalaureate graduates are not graduating, and can claim no right to participate in the May ceremony.

The USD catalog statement reads as follows:
Seniors graduating in August may participate in the previous May ceremony, provided that: 1) they take their remaining courses in USD's Summer Session; and 2) they have registered (including payment) in USD's Summer Session for their remaining courses by May 1, and have given to the Registrar's Office written evidence of such completed registration.

What does this mean for August 2014 baccalaureate graduates who wish to qualify for participation in the May 2014 Commencement?

  • Courses needed in Summer 2014 to complete degree work must be taken at the University of San Diego. Exceptions to this policy may be approved by the student’s dean when there are extraordinary circumstances beyond the student’s control. Unavailability of a needed course in USD's Summer Session will NOT be grounds for an exception to the policy about Commencement participation. August graduates who wish to take courses elsewhere (after procuring the appropriate waivers) may do so, but they may not participate in the May 2014 ceremony. (NOTE: Summer 2014 courses taken in USD's own Guadalajara and USD’s sponsored Summer Study Abroad programs will meet the requirement for courses taken at USD.)
  • August 2014 graduates should register in Interses­sion 2014 or Spring 2014 for any needed courses that are not being offered at USD in Summer 2014. To facilitate the process of looking at the Spring 2014 and Summer 2014 courses together, a list of courses, dates, and times of USD Summer Session offerings can be obtained at the Summer Session Office, Founders 117 or the USD website. The Intersession 2014 schedule will be available in Founders 117. NOTE: Students wishing to participate in the May 2014 Commencement may NOT complete their coursework with an Independent Study (499) during the summer. Unavailability of a needed course in USD's Summer Session will NOT be grounds for an exception to the policy about Commencement participation.
  • In cases where financial aid is involved in attendance at USD's Summer Session, papers must be filed timely (by Thursday, March 14, 2014) so that the request can be processed before May 1, 2014. Summer applications will be available in the Financial Aid Office on or after February 1, 2014.
  • As noted in the catalog statement above, May 1, 2014, is a final deadline for completion of summer registration at USD for August graduates wishing to qualify for participation in the May ceremony. August graduates may enroll in Summer Session after that day, but it will be too late for them to participate in the May 2014 Commencement ceremony.
  • Graduation invitations, caps and gowns will be issued only to:
    • May graduates;
    • August graduates who have registered and paid by May 1 in USD's Summer Session for all courses needed to complete the degree. (These courses may not include Independent Study.)

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What if I'm a graduate student graduating in January, May or August?

If you are a graduate student graduating during any of the three graduation dates, please contact the graduate records office at (619) 260-2217 or visit Graduate Record Website for information. If you would like to go by and see them, they are located in Founders Rm. 117.

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