Faculty Research and Development

According to the Envisioning 2024 strategic plan, "Our vision for 2024 explicitly calls for us to confront humanity's urgent challenges through the work and engaged scholarship of faculty and students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels" (p.8). Our pathway of engaged scholarship is modeled after Boyer's (1990) four types of scholarship which include the scholarship of discovery, integration, sharing knowledge and applying knowledge. This broad view of scholarship enables members of our USD community across all disciplines to collaborate locally and globally to solve society's greatest challenges.

USD is pleased to support our faculty and students in collaborative research and creative works, whether it's in the form of funding, equipment, space, reassigned time, travel support, equipment, software and data management, and safety and compliance. Internal sources of support include paid sabbaticals, start-up funds, grants and awards (e.g., ESFI, FRG, AS, Strategic Initiatives Grants), university professorships and support for travel whether from internal grants (e.g., CEE, OUR, International Opportunity Grants) or department funds.

We have a number of units that can support your work too. OSP, Foundation Relations and Grants Accounting can provide support for applying for and managing external funding. OUR can support collaborative and creative research with undergraduate students. ITS can support your data management needs. Risk Management as well as Environmental Health and Safety can also help ensure that you are prioritizing safety and maintaining research compliance. To learn more about USD's policies governing research, visit the Office of General Counsel site.

We also have a Research Compliance page where you can learn more.

Finally, when you are ready to showcase your engaged scholarship work, you can do so at one of our conferences (e.g., OUR's Creative Collaborations), during Research Week and/or electronically (e.g., Digital@USD, NewsNotes, unit newsletters).