Faculty Compensation Task Force

Rationale, Charge and Timeline

Taken from the invitation letters for Task Force Members.

The University of San Diego is blessed with a talented and committed faculty. We want to be sure we can attract, reward, and retain these gifted, mission-focused faculty that shape a vibrant intellectual environment to the benefit of the University community. A significant goal of Envisioning 2024 is elevating faculty engagement. One way to promote this goal is to provide faculty with a fair compensation package, especially if we want to attract and maintain a diverse and energetic faculty.

Developing a compensation philosophy and structure is complex. There are many components that need to be considered and explored, including, but not limited to, linking our compensation philosophy with our mission; defining the peer group for compensation so that we can fairly benchmark; recognizing excellence in teaching and scholarship/artistic endeavors; assuring equity; rewarding meritorious work; considering discipline-based market pressures; and assessing the University of San Diego’s ability to implement a compensation plan over a time period.

In order to move forward with developing a faculty compensation structure and philosophy, the University’s Task Force on Faculty Compensation has been created to work with Frank Casagrande, our faculty compensation consultant. Mr. Casagrande has worked with a number of institutions to develop their compensation structures, philosophies and implementation plans. He will facilitate the meetings and support us through this process by working with the Task Force comprised of faculty, administration, and staff. The Task Force will include diverse faculty representation across academic units and participation by administrators who will be involved in decision-making and implementation. The process, which involves extensive consultation, will be conducted over three semesters. It began in Spring 2018 with an anticipated presentation of the philosophy, structure, and implementation plan to the Board of Trustees in Spring 2019.

The charge of the Task Force is to discern a compensation philosophy and develop a structure for the University of San Diego that is tied to excellence in teaching, service, and scholarship/creative activities; is competitive with our peers; is anchored in market information; is reliable and valid; and has a time frame for an implementation plan based on the agreed upon framework. The Task Force, with guidance from out consultant, Frank Casagrande, would need to:

  • Discern a guiding faculty compensation philosophy.
  • Establish peer institutions for benchmarking, based on agreed upon criteria.
  • Benchmark faculty salaries at the peer institutions, including regional and geography-based market trends.
  • Compare faculty compensation holistically with peer institutions (including benefits, sabbaticals, etc.).
  • Develop a plan that recognizes and rewards excellence at all ranks throughout the career of a faculty member.
  • Consider the financial status of the University (current and projected) in recommending a plan (including time frame and multi-year goals) to implement the University’s philosophy and structure for faculty compensation, including benefits.
  • Recommend next steps in achieving sustainable operational goals.
  • Develop a consultation and communications plan for stakeholders in the process.

The Task Force began with a full day retreat on March 7, 2018, facilitated by Frank Casagrande of Casagrande Consulting, LLC. We held half-day meetings every three to four weeks during Spring 2018, and we plan to continue to meet on this schedule for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019. Final recommendations will be presented to President Harris no later than May 31, 2019 so that he can present recommendations to the Board of Trustees in Spring 2019.

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