Faculty and Administrator Recruiting Policies and Guidelines for Academic Affairs

Authorization to Recruit

Written clearance from the Provost's Office is required before recruitment of any full-time faculty or administrative personnel. A Personnel Requisition Form should be completed via the Jobs@USD site. Please include a job description/ad posting. 


Once the Personnel Requisition Form has approved, recruitment advertising may begin. We will place ads through Jobelephant, Inc. If the School/Department chooses to place an ad in a professional publication themselves, please consult with the Assistant Vice President. Ads placed without the approval of this office may not be reimbursed from the Provost's budget.


Interview, Travel and Housing Arrangements

Once it has been determined which three finalists will be interviewed, the department should contact their Dean to check availability of times on their calendar. The Vice President and Provost will interview only those candidates being considered for appointment with tenure. All candidates being interviewed on campus should be provided the link to Insight before the scheduled interview date.

All airfare must be booked through Corporate Travel Planners (855-824-2488; sandiego@ctp-travel.com). Tell the travel agent that you are booking travel for recruitment for the Provost's Office. Please contact the Provost's Office in advance if there are circumstances necessitating travel arrangements with higher-than-average airfares or other special arrangements. This includes travel by candidates and our own faculty who are attending conferences for recruiting purposes.

For lodging, you may use the Casa de la Paz at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice (619-260-7808). To make reservations at the Casa de la Paz, you will need to contact the Provost's Office to obtain the costing code.

You may also book the Hacienda Hotel in Old Town (call 619-298-4707 for reservations). At the time of booking, please be prepared to give your USD OneCard credit card information or the guest may book on their personal card and be reimbursed. Please identify that you are calling from USD to receive our negotiated rate.

The Dana on Mission Bay, or any Bartell Hotel, is another lodging option. Please visit our partner landing page to search for availability at USD's discounted rate.

Please contact the Provost's Office before booking any accommodation other than the ones listed above.

Hotel charges will be paid by the Provost Office for up to three candidates. Please contact your dean's office if you wish to interview more than three candidates.

Other Recruiting Expenses

When planning to send faculty members or other employees to conferences for recruiting purposes, please note that we pay one conference attendance per open position.

For candidates invited to campus, the Provost's Office will reimburse the candidates and University employees for meal and local travel expenses associated with the recruitment visit. Note: We cannot reimburse faculty who take candidates to sporting events, movies, amusement parks, etc, or for gifts. Nor can we reimburse a faculty member for such items as house cleaning services when they have a candidate visit their home. Recruiting reimbursements should be limited to travel expenses (airfare, mileage, train), hotel while here, meals*, parking, and taxis. We do not reimburse rental cars without pre-approval by the Provost's Office.

Recruiting reimbursements should be reconciled through Concur or Workday. Instructions are available online from the Accounting Office's website. Please follow all Accounts Payable policies.

*Note: Meal expenses should be limited to $80 per person or less, including tax, tip and alcohol. Per university guidelines, it is suggested that employees limit expenses for alcoholic beverages to the average cost of approximately $10, and not to exceed $15 per person. Procurement requires an itemized receipt for meals, not just a credit card charge slip. Please include names of all those in attendance. No more than 5 guests, including the candidate, may be in attendance per meal. One dinner per candidate should be booked on campus at La Gran Terraza. Costs for research presentations to students in place of a meal will not be reimbursed; these are considered department expenses.

Faculty and Administrator Appointments

Once a candidate has been chosen for the position, the Proposal to Hire Form should be completed. At this point, a contingent offer can be made. An employment contract or appointment letter will be written and sent to the new employee only after the pre-employment background check is completed.