Faculty Affairs Officer

The Faculty Affairs Officer serves as an informal, impartial and private resource available to assist faculty in addressing issues, questions or concerns related to equity, professional advancement, career trajectory and work-life balance. While this position serves as a liaison to the Office of Human Resources, it operates independently of regular institutional channels in the following ways:

An Impartial Resource

At USD, we strive to support faculty through all academic unit offices and officers. Regardless of affiliation at USD, the Faculty Affairs Officer does not advocate for any party in a dispute. Fair and equitable outcomes in disputes are pursued through mediation, mutual understanding, and transparency regarding USD policy and procedure. On occasion, faculty may utilize Faculty Affairs:

  • When there is a need for an impartial and private sounding board
  • To voice a concern about fairness or equity
  • When one would like to learn about possible outcomes before pursuing an action through official channels
  • To clarify a university policy or practice, or determine its relevance to a situation
  • To raise questions or concerns about a university policy or practice, office, service, or decision
  • When one is unsure about where else to turn for help or guidance

Clarifying Issues, Exploring Options

Faculty Affairs is not the resource to change university decisions or policies. Nor does it function as a substitute for legal advice, counseling, or formal investigations. Instead, your visit with Faculty Affairs can:

  • Allow for an opportunity for faculty to be heard and to discuss issues
  • Provide answers to questions or find someone who can provide those answers
  • Explain how university policies and procedures work
  • Help identify options or obtain information to move forward
  • Refer faculty to an appropriate person or office
  • Accompany faculty as they address issues and explore options through institutional channels

Advancing Faculty Success

The Faculty Affairs role is intended to help the university to support the changing needs of all faculty to help ensure strong teaching, productive scholarship, and professional success. While maintaining privacy, visits with the Faculty Affairs officer can help to:

  • Identify trends and patterns that help or hinder faculty success
  • Support recommendations for changes of university policy or procedure that may be outdated or no longer relevant
  • Maintain dialogue with Human Resources as to the evolving professional opportunities and challenges unique to faculty


The Faculty Affairs Officer operates independently from any department or office and works to earn and maintain the trust of all members of the USD community.


Faculty Affairs discussions are private. Actions related to the concerns of a faculty member are pursued only with the consent of that faculty member. The Faculty Affairs Officer is, however, a mandated reporter for issues related to Title IX.


The Faculty Affairs Officer seeks to help individuals determine how best to address their concerns by identifying and explaining formal processes available at USD and holds no formal authority to alter decisions, policies, procedures, or the outcomes of proceedings under existing policies.

Contact Information

Esteban del Río, Ph.D
Email: edelrio@sandiego.edu
Phone: (619) 260-7464
Esteban del Río, Ph.D Advisor to the Provost and Faculty Affairs Officer