User Alerts

Welcome to the University of San Diego User Alerts Page. This location will post information on debarred vendors and questionable marketing actions by suppliers as reported by departments.

Beware of calls about:

  • Renewal of orders that have never been placed by your department
  • Inquiries to validate your copier or printer model number
  • Invoices for goods never shipped
  • Unbelievable discounts or special deals

To protect your department:

  • Never give your procurement card over the phone or in emails unless you have initiated the contact
  • Never pay for toner products in advance
  • Do not give any information about your office equipment to unfamiliar suppliers
  • If someone calls you about “renewal of a previous order”, ask for the original purchase order and forward them to procurement services
  • Do not authorize any shipment of supplies from callers soliciting business over the phone
  • Beware of any suspicious activity from callers or any offers that seem too good to be true
  • Beware of “blocked” numbers

Red Flags

  • Calls to replace toner products
  • Calls asking for model number of your printer or copier
  • Calls asking if you would take a toner order intended for another department


Some firms may contact a department asking to update its shipping and copier model number information then ships and bills you for toner. Please advise your staff not to give any information to a caller from companies they do not know. Your usual supplier will have all the account information they need.

The best way to handle these calls is to ask the caller for his/her name and contact information in order to call them back. This request will often result in them hanging up or revising their story. DO NOT sign and return any order forms sent to your department by an unfamiliar company.

Favorites Quotes

  • “We understand that you have “X” brand copier or printer. If you order now, you can avoid a price increase"
  • “Your boss referred me to you”
  • “The price increase has just been announced but if you order now you can avoid it”
  • “I have a toner order intended for another department which no longer needs it, can I send it to you?”

Companies to Avoid

  • Corporate Services
  • Corporate Business Systems
  • Internal Business Systems