Writings, Addresses and Videos

Published Writings

Being Homeless Sticks with You (Audio)
Homeless in San Diego Podcast, 2018

@ the Helm, The ACCU Blog on Leadership, 2018

The Role of Vision in Fostering Catholic Identity
Catholic Identity in Context, University of San Francisco Press, 2018

We're scaring off future Einsteins
(Appeared Mar. 17, 2017 in print and online edition of USA Today)

What I'm Reading: "Laudato Si'"
(Appeared Sept. 30, 2016 in issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Convene, Cooperate, and Collaborate: How Six Colleges and Universities Came Together to Address Issues of College Access for Urban Youth
(Chapter 9 from 2015-2016 Series: Innovative Concepts to Achieve Campus Transformation)

There Is Value in Every Person
(Essay published in This I Believe: Philadelphia; as heard on the This I Believe podcast, Dec. 14, 2015)

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