Mid-Semester Highlights, Fall 2015

Dear Friends of the University of San Diego:

As I reflect at the midpoint of my first semester as president, it has been especially gratifying to meet so many members of the campus community who work tirelessly to enrich the student experience. I am particularly impressed by the passion of our students, who not only demonstrate excellence in their fields of study, but live out the mission of USD in their daily lives as compassionate citizens who are deeply engaged in society.

To accelerate our ability to be global Changemakers, we will be kicking off a strategic planning process in November. This process will begin with an assessment of the USD’s current state as well as a review of the external higher education landscape. During this current state assessment, we will be conducting interviews, meetings, and focus groups with a broad cross-section of constituencies to discuss strengths, opportunities, and future priorities for the university. Our hope is to have as many people as possible participate as we collect and consolidate themes and ideas that will help to shape our future direction. More details about the strategic planning process will be forthcoming in the months ahead.

Today, I’d like to share recent highlights from what has already been a remarkable fall semester! 


James T. Harris

James T. Harris III

Dr. Harris