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Office of the President

Dear USD Campus Community:

Every day, the COVID-19 pandemic reminds us how fragile life is.  The phrase “new normal” is commonly used to describe the impact of the virus on our lives. Meanwhile, events in Minneapolis and in other parts of the country remind us of an even more insidious and life-threatening virus which is neither new nor normal – racism in America.

In all its forms, racism violates our most basic belief, that all life is sacred.

At the University of San Diego, we actively seek to create a world where the worth and dignity of every individual is respected. We also believe it is our responsibility as an academic community to confront humanity’s most urgent challenges.  During this time of extreme uncertainty, we encourage all members of our university community to consider how each of us can live out our values and our commitment to compassion and respect.  It is exactly at times like these—when things appear hopeless— that we are called to lean on our faith to fortify us and guide us away from the darkness toward the light.

Our USD community joins in prayer for George Floyd, his family and all who are impacted by racism and violence.  In this time of Pentecost, we particularly pray that the Holy Spirit guide all hearts in justice and on a path of peace. We invite you, and all members of the USD community, to participate in a virtual prayer service hosted by University Ministry on Tuesday, June 2, at 7:00 p.m. to reaffirm our faith, support our community and direct us toward healing.

In Solidarity and Peace,

James T. Harris III

Gail F. Baker
Vice President and Provost

Andrew Allen
Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness And Strategic Initiatives

Monsignor Daniel Dillabough
Vice President, Mission and Ministry

Katy Roig
Vice President, Finance & Chief Financial Officer

Ky Snyder
Vice President, University Operations

Carmen Vazquez
Vice President, Student Affairs

Richard P. Virgin
Vice President, University Advancement

Thomas Skinner
General Counsel and Advisor to the President


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Office of the President
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