Finding Childcare

San Diego offers many resources for finding infant and child care to meet your family' needs. The California Department of Social Services oversees the licensure and compliance of both home and center based childcare facilities and offers resources to help parents locate and evaluate available child care options.

Parents can also use any of the resources listed below to locate potential providers by type of license, location, size, or services offered.

California Child Care Resource & Referral Network

The California Child Care Resource & Referral Network has agencies in every county in California that provide free information on choosing child care, referrals to child care centers, and information on how to pay for child care.

YMCA Childcare Resource Service

The YMCA Childcare Resource Service advocates for families and children, offers resources and training to child care providers, provides free child care referrals, subsidized child care for low-income families, gives respite to families with children with special needs, and offers health and behavioral health resources.

San Diego Family Childcare Association

The San Diego Family Childcare Association offers a referral service for finding licensed home-based daycare by zip code.