Physical Challenge

Everyone is capable of crewing a tall ship, it is not physically strenuous. There will be opportunities to climb up into the rigging to furl and unfurl sails. Though this is not physically hard, a little courage is required. You will wear a harness and be attached to the rigging while aloft.

No one will force you up if this is not for you, there is always plenty to be done on deck. You will get to heave on lines to raise the sails and gaff. You will be heaving with your team mates so doing your best is always as much strength as you will need.

Sea sickness is possible, though, today's sea sickness medicine is really effective at making your trip enjoyable. Interestingly one of the most challenging things about real sailing voyages like this is sleep.

Because you will be on a watch rotation, there will be times when you are working on deck at 3 a.m. and sleeping at 3 p.m. This actually is really fun and is potentially great practice for demands placed on your schedule in college.