Physical Challenge


Hiking, kayaking and snorkeling are the activities for this trip.  Hiking on Santa Cruz islands is strenuous on the legs. The trail conditions, while maintained, are very steep at times, exposed atop sea cliffs and fully exposed to the unrelenting sun and wind. We could be hiking for the better part of six or seven hours during our full day hike, while other days will include shorter hikes lasting two to three hours. Single and tandem sit-on-top kayaks will allow us to explore the rugged shoreline.  Kayaking conditions are dependent on the weather and ocean conditions.  We anticipate moderately challenging conditions that will have us paddling about 5 miles. 

Trip members should be in good physical condition for hiking on steep terrain and capable of carrying a daypack of approximately 10-15 pounds filled with water, lunch and other essentials (covered during pre-trip presentation). From now until the trip begins, we highly encourage you to get in shape. If you can comfortably hike up and down hills and on uneven trails with a 15 pound pack at a pace of about 2 miles per hour—consider yourself prepared for the hiking portion of this trip.