Physical Challenge

tent group photo


Relaxed (depending upon the weather).  There are bathroom facilities available (with toilets and running water!).  We are eating outdoors and sleeping in tents, which could be considered "roughing it," but have access to a cabin to hangout inside if necessary.

Urban Hiking

Relaxed to moderate.  Urban hiking (a.k.a. walking) may be moderately challenging for those who are not accustomed to walking a few miles at a time.  The weather can make this more challenging (it could potentially be very hot, or windy and rainy). Even though we are in the heart of San Diego, we will explore hidden canyons with uneven terrain and hills, in search of the most interesting path from point a to point b.  


Easy to Moderate.  Throughout the trip there will be some options to 'choose your own adventure.'  This may include an option for a trail run, yoga, test your fear of heights on a historic suspension bridge, ride a bike, trolley, bus, etc.  Surprisingly, San Diego has more elevation change that one would expect and we may have some hills to travel up/down. Be advised. 

*no previous experience is necessary for any activity