Changemaking and Pre-O Adventure

What Does It Mean To Be A Changemaker?

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A changemaker is someone who looks at the world critically and avoids accepting the standards set before them- they push boundaries and pioneer new ideas and ways of thinking. They are the type of person who will not sit idly by injustice, but rather are the type of person who changes the world to a better place through their daily actions and their long term goals. Through the practice of changemaking, you will be able draw upon your own talents as well as cultivate new skills to help you instill a postive change. These skills will certainly be grown through your Pre-O experience. As an example, you will have to exercise empathy with the person you share your tent with. The student will undoubtedly have a different background and experiences than you. Through trips, will have the opportunity to get to know this person and share a space and experiences with them.

Changemaker skills can also be applied on a broader level in the case of social awareness. During Pre-O you will be presented with different societal topics that you might not be familiar with, such as environmentalism or food justice. As a new changemaker you will be expected to be open to learning about these new topics and to immerse yourself in the new information you are being given. In doing this you will be granted a greater social understanding of the world around you and become a more informed member of your community. These are just a couple of the many changemaker skills that will impact your experience during Pre-O and further as a student at USD.

jerickOutdoor Adventures has long been a hub for environmental activities on and off campus. Because we get outdoors, we see first hand the consequences of our behaviors. The Leave no Trace ethos on the trail carries over into our daily operations. We do our best to buy locally, re-use, and reduce waste. We recognize the potential for negative environmental and social impacts and take steps to create positive impacts, leaving the beautiful places we travel to better than we found them. Through all of our trips, we hope to inspire people to care about the planet. We believe direct experience with both pristine and heavily impacted environments can inspire individuals to make a difference. 

At USD, we strive to develop our Changemaker skills that serve as a foundation for our future:

  • Empathy
  • Social Awareness
  • Personal Awareness
  • Ability to communicate and achieve goals
  • Curiosity
  • Comfortable in Ambiguity
  • Accepting of Failure
  • Innovative Mindset